Monday, November 5, 2012

App Starters for Android - Worth the Effort?

Over the last month or so I've seen a few simple projects pop up on Hacker News that help with creating an Android App.

Both projects allow you to punch some basic info. in about your application, and they output a formatted project file that's tuned to your application. The nice thing about these projects is that they contain many of the most commonly used libraries out there today.

Both projects add the ActionBarSherlock library, which allows you to have a nice Android-like Title Bar in apps well below 4.0. They both also add the Support Library, which gives a pre-3.0 app access to some of the new constructs like Fragments. KickStartr gives you a bit more of customization ability by selecting which libraries you would like to include, while AndroidBootstrap gives no choices, but a deeper list of libraries.

Both projects can get the job done, and they save you a bit of time by setting up all the annoying libraries for you. If you're starting a new project soon, they are certainly worth considering.

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  1. They also allow you to use maven which makes dependency management a lot easier. Otherwise you are stuck with copying and pasting jars into the lib directory.